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The U.S. Army Military District of Washington Public Affairs
Twilight Tattoo
210 A St., Suite 200, Bldg. 32
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(202) 685-2888 or email

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For Press and Media Representatives

The U.S. Army Military District of Washington Public Affairs Office has news releases, press kit items including photos and biographies and other materials to help orient you to our Twilight Tattoo program, the Soldiers that participate, performances and more.

To speak with a public affairs representative, call (202) 685-2888 or e-mail:

2021 Web Series

  • May 5 - Revolutionary Beginnings: A Professional Army Emerges
  • May 12 -The Growth of America: The Army and Westward Expansion
  • May 19 -Entering the World Stage: World War I 
  • May 26 -The Army’s Fighting Spirit: World War II 
  • June 2 -Courage and Commitment: Korea
  • June 9 - Army Birthday Week Twilight Tattoo Livestream
  • June 16 - Modernization & Professionalism: Vietnam & Post-Vietnam
  • June 23 - Modern Warfare: Desert Storm/ 9/11 / Afghanistan & Iraq
  • June 30 - Today’s Army & The Future: Our People

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